Alternative & Holistic Health Service.

Eros was born in Italy in 1969.

With over 20 years of well-being experience,

on holistic clinics, retreat and online service.

Eros, is the Master for your

excellent health and well-being,

designs and manufactures innovative

tools and medicines.

Called Consciousness Light.

Eros, has obtained an extraordinary

experience and has developed the intuitive

sense that guide to the reason of the energy

discomfort of the people and returns

them the lost equilibrium.

Eros Ferrari has Health and Well-being,

Holistic, Quantum and Spiritual experience;

and in this time he has worked with many,

many people suffering.

Eros is a Reiki Grand Master,

Holistic Health Trainer,

intuitive and empathic, able to physically

feel and work with the energy of people

and places also on distance.

Through 20 years of research experience,

he developed the power to work with

energy on a very refined level.

His Consciousness Lught has been created

after great experience.

Using specially which leads to an

improved the Quality of Life.

Consciousness Light is a
Holistic Health system service.
The Consciousness is activated throughout
the body and the connection is maintained;
he now teaches how to practice
self-healing and therapy.
He teaches it online how our energy can
be a transformation into positive.

Relaxation, Peacefull,

grounding and restful sleep.

In the mid-term you get;

Independence, Prosperity, Harmony

and long-lasting happiness in Life.

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Alternative & Holistic Health Service.

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